Generac IQ2000 Vs Honda EU2000 “Tailgate Perspective from a DJ”

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Generac IQ2000 vs Honda EU2000

Okay I was hired to do a tailgate party for NY mets on opening day 2016. Obviously one dilemma came to me and that was the power needed to pull this off. I proceeded to check on the internet for Generator rentals and Home Depot popped right up. The only Generator they had was the Honda EU2000. Since I was powering 2 1000 watt QSC,Laptop,and a Pioneer DJ-SX. Long story boring thing worked as advertised. I played music non stop for about 4 hours and not one issue. No problems what so ever, didn’t even see this thing tremble from lack of power. Only thing I didn’t like was the fact that there was no fuel gauge, or any way to tell how much time was left on the Generator.

Now with this tailgate under my belt I was called upon once again to do another tailgate being that the first one was a hit. I started shopping around for my own portable generator, so now I can market myself for “OutDoor Events”. Found a great deal on a brand new Generac IQ2000 for $699. Reason I went with the Generac was the price, color, and small features the Honda doesn’t have and the Generac does.

My Review:

Purchased this a few months back never started it, just filled the oil and let it sit. Game day I have it all packed up ready to go setup the tailgate.  With about 4-5 pulls the generator started right up but with the red plug lit up meaning an overload. Turned it off thinking a reset would work. The reset did work and we where well on our way. An hour into the the festivities the generator started shaking and acting erratic.

Long story boring it failed 20 minutes before we where to wrap it up. So it did make it through the event. Bad news is that this unit came out of the box damaged.

I took down to my friends at Forestiere Powertool and Equipment over in Queens about 2 blocks from Metropolitan Ave. These guys got back to me with what I thought was wrong with the unit. It had a bad inverter straight from factory. They called me and told me the new replacement generator has arrived. Going to pick it up next week and do a couple load test on it.

Still not convinced this unit is as reliable as a Honda, I will give it another shot with a fully functioning working unit that was shipped to me. I will test it once again running all my Dj equipment to see if i can give a good review on this generator.

Will keep you posted!!!!!!!!




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