Wood Burning Stove D.I.Y. Porcelain Tile Hearth

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When I purchased this home previous owner did have a wood stove in the same area. He took the wood stove but left the stainless steel 30ft chimney and thats a win for me. That chimney is very expensive. Now what i needed to do was build a hearth so the wood stove can sit on. i had some left over tile from the kitchen floor install so i decided to use it for my hearth build.

Framing the Hearth using pressure treated 2 x 4
Framing completed.
Pressure treated plywood a bit overkill but better safe than sorry.
Now the cement board installed.
First time tiling difficult cuts in the front but got it done.
Got floor and one wall done.
Both Walls done and now time for grout.
Wood Stove installed and all done.

In conclusion i could of easily bought a pre made hearth for about $300-$400 dollar range. This custom built hearth didn’t cost me that much do to having left over tile from my kitchen floor. I will tell you this once my basement is finished and everyone is getting warm around the wood stove. You can honestly sit back and appreciate what you have done with your own two hands. Let say a sense of accomplishment. If you put your mind to it you can do anything. Stay tuned for many more DIY from myself DJ Steven_S and the Shohola Boys.

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